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spray starch for ironing

Best Spray Starch for Ironing Reviews (Buying Guide)

If some of you thought that using starch belongs only in the kitchen then you are in for a big surprise if you’re looking for the best spray starch for ironing.

I am sure that there are more people who have heard about starch for kitchen uses than they are aware that there are starch sprays for clothes, too.

I am aware of using laundry starch from my grandmother and it stuck with me.

Of course, since starch works best on 100% cotton, cotton blends, linen, wool, many people might have forgotten about this ironing helpful product with all the synthetics and knits that we are surrounded by.

Speaking of wool and cotton, check out my guide answering the question what is a cool iron if you want to see how we must set the temperature settings on an iron based on the fabrics we’re trying to remove wrinkles and creases from.

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And, of course, if you are totally interested in making clothes or other creative and productive projects, I wrote an article on the best sewing books that can teach us a wide array of helpful skills.

For now, let’s get back to reviewing the best spray starch for ironing.

Best Spray Starch for Ironing Reviews

My first recommendation is the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish, 64 oz. It doesn’t come in the form of a spray but in a big bottle as a liquid. Still, it’s very easy to use as a starch for ironing clothes, it comes in a big 64 oz bottle, and the price is great. Plus, the results are amazing and users love it.

If you want something in spray form, my second pick is the Niagara Spray Starch (22oz). The quantity is good and the price for a 2 pack, each spray bottle measuring 22 oz, is quite affordable. We also get the option of buying a 6 pack and that package is even more affordable if we take the price per bottle into consideration. Overall, the Niagara Spray Starch (22oz) is a high quality spray starch for ironing, it’s a great deal. We can also use it for sewing and quilting.

If you’re looking for spray starch for quilting, I recommend the Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting Spray Bottle (16oz).

The Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative comprises a fantastic range of products that are highly reviewed and well loved by buyers. Another impressive thing that they offer is the 1 gallon quantity for each bottle.

Last but not least, the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid (17 oz) is another one that stands out. I’m sure that there are some people who would be interested in the ingredients that make up this organic starch spray.

Besides looking for the best spray starch for ironing, there are other fabric care products that we can use to help with ironing and to offer some very interesting advantages. Faultless has a whole range of them. I’ll mainly stick to reviewing spray starch because I don’t want to complicate matters.

1. Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish, 64 oz: Overall the Best Starch for Ironing Clothes

I am well aware that we’re here looking for the best spray starch for ironing and my top recommendation is actually a liquid starch for ironing clothes.

But it’s indeed an amazing product and I love it, just as so many other users love it.

While it doesn’t come in a spray form, it’s still incredibly easy to use.

Plus, I always love big quantities and sprays offer smaller quantities for higher prices.

Thus, there are plenty of reasons for recommending the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish, 64 oz as my top pick for the best spray starch for ironing even if it comes in a liquid form.

What matters is that it’s easy to use. And the results are exactly what we’re looking for. We get top value for money and a product that works really well.


The Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish, 64 oz provides a clean, crisp appearance.

If we love the feel of a crisp pair of clothes, we will love this starch. It can be used to give a crisp classic finish to pants, slacks, shirts, and button-ups.

Moreover, it makes ironing faster and easier.

It is proven to release and remove wrinkles. They’ll feel amazing when we wear them. They’ll have a clean look and feel fresh. There’s nothing better.

The Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish, 64 oz can also aid with stain resistance and that’s another big reason for using starch for ironing clothes.

I’ve already mentioned that I love the 64 oz bottle for this product.

The manufacturer states that it is the equivalent of 7 aerosol cans. That’s impressive, without a doubt. We can definitely save a lot of money.

More than that, users mention that it works better than spray starch. There will no white residue afterwards. And people use the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish to iron everything.

There is another user that mentioned that they make quilts and starched fabric makes a big difference. Plus, this person loves that they can determine the strength they want.

Plus, it won’t gunk the soleplate of our iron but it’s still important to clean your soleplate regularly.

The simplest way to clean a soleplate is to run it at the highest temperature over a damp 100% cotton cloth. That’s the easiest method. The self-clean feature on irons is only going to clean the steam holes.

Buyers also use this starch when ironing their jeans.

Plus, it also doubles as a good ingredient for arts and crafts projects: liquid slime, paper mache, silly putty, etc.

Its ingredients are: water, corn starch, borax, fragrance, preservative, processing and ironing agents.

How to use it

Even if it doesn’t come in the form of a spray but as a liquid in a big bottle, the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish is very easy to use.

The only thing we have to do is to mix with water.

It will mix well, it’s easy to do, and it doesn’t clump. There are no concerns in this area.

The steps for using the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish are:

  • shake well
  • dilute concentrate with water – we get variable dilution rate for multiple uses, whether we want to use it in the wash or as a spray before ironing, which I definitely like
  • apply the mixed product – you could get an empty spray bottle, like a water spray bottle for hair, to make application on clothes easy and uniform
  • iron while the fabric is damp

It also won’t flake if we proceed to iron while the starch is still wet.

All in all, the Linit Starch Crisp Classic Finish is a fantastic liquid starch for ironing clothes, one of the best. The price, given its quantity, is amazing. I love it and I love just how many benefits it has.

2. Niagara Spray Starch (22oz): Overall the Best Spray Starch for Ironing

There are a lot of things to like about the Niagara Spray Starch. The first one is that it is a high quality product that does exactly what it says it does without any inconveniences.

It’s also a trigger bottle, not an aerosol spray bottle. I like trigger bottles better.

I also love the fact that each bottle measures 22 oz. That’s a good quantity that can last a while.

There are 2 buying options.

We can buy a pack of 2 bottles. With this one, the price per bottle is under $10.

The second option is a pack of 6 bottles. The price per bottle is definitely cheaper with the bigger pack, which is not surprising.

You can buy the 2 pack first and if you like this one from Niagara, you can buy the 6 pack next time.


The Niagara Spray Starch provides value by offering buyers a premium product at a good price.

But it can also help us save money by prolonging the life of our fabrics and clothing.

This one mentions that it keeps the iron clean and free of residue. That means that we don’t have to worry about flakes or leaving marks on our clothes.

It produces a smooth press with no drag on the iron.

More importantly, the Niagara Spray Starch can help us produce a wrinkle free surface when cutting or sewing fabrics.

It gives fabrics body without stiffness and that lets these fabrics easy to work with.

This product flattens seams, sharpens points and stabilizes sewing of quilts and crafts.

It reduces stretch and helps fabrics look new longer.

It’s also a fragrance free formula. I don’t mind that.

The bottle is 100% recyclable, non-aerosol.

How to use it

There are a few tips that are helpful. Obviously, we spray it on the clothes before ironing, after laying the item on the ironing board.

Spray from 8 inches away at a 45 degrees angle.

Then we can iron at the recommended fabric setting.

One tip is to allow ironing spray to fully penetrate the fabric.

Ensure a complete and even coverage. For large items, like table linens, spray and iron small portions at a time.

We can use the Niagara Spray Starch on cotton, wool and other washable fabric but not on dry clean only items.

3. Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting Spray Bottle (16oz): The Best Spray Starch for Quilting

Each bottle has a 16 oz capacity and we get the option to choose from different packs.

We can buy 1 pack, 2 pack, and 3 pack. The 2 pack and 3 pack are the most popular.

I also like that we can choose between trigger and aerosol. I prefer the trigger bottles, I just like them a lot more.


As the name suggests, this Magic is a quilting and crafting spray. Since I love talking about sewing and quilting and even embroidery sewing machines, I definitely jumped at the chance to review this product from Magic.

The Magic Premium Quilting & Crafting Spray Bottle improves accuracy of cutting, creasing and sewing, while also flattening seams and wrinkles.

Cutting is done more easily and accurately because a stiffened fabric is cut with greater precision.

Plus, this smoothing wrinkle releaser makes pressing easier. It relaxes wrinkles and it leaves the fabric sleek, soft, and static-free.

It reduces stretch for point matching.

The Niagara Spray Starch that I reviewed above also mentioned these characteristics so this one from Magic is not the only one capable of those effects.

This one from Magic is also an odor eliminating craft spray.

It produces a fine mist that won’t clog and is fragrance free.

Plus, it won’t flake, which is definitely desirable.

It works well with fabric adhesive spray and basting spray for quilting.

The bottle & trigger is 100% recyclable.

How to use it

The instructions are pretty basic and easy to follow.

Hold the bottle at a 45 degrees angle and then spray the quilt or crafting material evenly with steady, sweeping motion.

I recommend spraying from an 8 inch distance.

If we desire additional stiffness, we can spray a second time.

For the best results, allow the spray to penetrate fabric completely before ironing.

The iron at the recommended setting for your type of fabric.

If we have larger items, spray and iron in small sections at a time.

As always, use it on cotton, wool, and other washable fabrics. The exception is dry clean-only fabrics, don’t use them.

4. Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative

There are a few different options that fall under the Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative.

What makes them different is their fragrance or even lack of fragrance.

What I want to mention is that all these products that are named the Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative have one incredible thing in common, besides doing the same thing for our ironing.

They all come in a 1 gallon (3.79L, 128 oz) large bottle.

That quantity is amazing. The price is also pretty expensive, around $40-$50, but the quantity is really big.

And the user reviews for the Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative, no matter which fragrance of fragrance-free bottle you decide to buy, are simply a joy to read.

One of the options is the Caribbean Beach. I guess it can be wonderful.

The other option is called Linen Fresh. It’s the cheapest of the three and highly popular.

The last option is the one called Scent-Free. It’s also highly popular but it’s also slightly more expensive than the other two.

Since all three do the same thing, I’m going to review the Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative as if it were a single product.

Just keep in mind that there are 3 products under this umbrella, depending what fragrance or lack of fragrance you desire.


It is described as being two products in one. It can be used both for starch and sizing.

And we can use it on all fabrics. Of course, not on dry clean only.

What is important is that it prevents clogging. It doesn’t flake even on dark fabrics.

It leaves no residue or shine. And no spotting.

Of course, the Mary Ellen Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative makes ironing easier.

It relaxes stubborn wrinkles.

The only thing is that you must buy a spray bottle because this product comes in a very big bottle. So we need a smaller spray bottle to apply it on our clothes.

How to use it

The first step is to pour into our spray bottle.

Then spray onto fabric and iron. Make sure that the iron’s water tank and soleplate are clean.

5. Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid (17 oz)

As anything that is organic, the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid is significantly more expensive than all the other products that I reviewed above as the best spray starch for ironing.

The 17 oz bottle, a trigger bottle, not aerosol, is a decent quantity, although certainly not the biggest we’ll come across.

Also, one single bottle has a cost close to $20, which is certainly expensive.

On the other hand, if you are interested in the organic aspect, then you’re going to be interested in the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid.


In order to clearly identity if the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid is for you, we should check out the ingredients: aqua, alcohol, polysaccharide (amylum solani), sulphated castor oil, potassium soap, sodium/potassium citrate, parfum, citronellol, geraniol, linalool.

Many of these ingredients are certified organically grown.

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) is obtained by fermenting plant-based starch. This used for prolonging the product’s shelf-life

The active ingredient is vegetable starch.

It is obtained from potatoes that are certified organically grown.

Thus, potato starch is used for the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid.

The soap (made from certified organic olive oil) and sulphated castor oil are used for decreasing the friction during ironing.

This organic starch spray starches and smooths all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fabrics.

Our garments will stay crease-free, dirt repellent, and retain their shapes for longer.

The fragrance of certified organic rose, geranium, and lavender is also lovely.

A buyer mentions that it works as well as other starch aerosols without the residue and the scent is pleasant.

All in all, the Sonett Organic Starch Spray and Ironing Aid (17 oz) is certainly not cheap but it can be a wonderful alternative to other options for the best spray starch for ironing for people who are looking for products that address some sensibilities.

What can you use spray starch for?

Now that we saw some awesome recommendations for the best spray starch for ironing, it’s time to see what uses this type of product has.

And why I definitely think that you should employ it in your ironing actions, especially if you handle 100% cotton, cotton blends, linen, wool, and other washable fabrics.

For a more in-depth discussion of all these benefits, you can check out this website.

Keep wrinkle away for longer

Starch clothes remain wrinkle-free for longer because the spray starch holds the natural fibers in place along with it.

Makes ironing faster

Obviously, a clear advantage is that ironing is done faster. There are plenty of us who don’t enjoy ironing but looking for the best spray starch for ironing can make things go faster.

Starch contains ironing aids. These are the components that help the iron glide faster and set the fabric so we don’t have to iron over the same area multiple times.

Prevents stains

Spraying linens with starch will create a protective barrier that prevents food and drink stains from setting right away.

It also helps repel stains on kids’ clothes, which can be immensely helpful.

Keeps cuffs in place

That’s great for those of you who are frustrated with cuffed jeans or shorts losing their cuffs after each washing.

Great for quilting and sewing

As we saw, there are options among my recommendations for the best spray starch for ironing that are great helpers for quilting and sewing and other crafts.