The Sewing Rules is a website created by Denisa-Alexandra Cinca, an amateur sewist for other amateur sewists. I hope you’ll be able to find the advice you were looking for.

I want to be part of your journey, whether you’re looking to upgrade to a more expensive, more capable sewing machine or whether you’re looking to know if sewing, knitting or crocheting would be better for the projects you’re trying to make.

I want to cover all the aspects related to sewing!

Furthermore, my aim is to review sewing machines that people around the globe can easily have access to.

My first mission and my most important goal is that I want to introduce amateurs and beginners to amazingly capable sewing machines that will help you make an array of projectors, from simply hemming pants and T-shirts to sewing leather to quilting to making our clothes from scratch.

That’s what I love about sewing.

It can help us prolong the life of our old clothes and it can help us modify off the rack clothes that don’t fit us as perfectly as they should.

With a sewing machine we can make our own curtains, pillow covers, bed sheets and all kinds of clothes we can handle the pattern of.

We can make quilts for the whole family and all our friends, using our hobby and passion to create the perfect gifts for all our loved ones.

We can even sew our own wigs, which can help the people interested in this activity save a lot of money.

For me, sewing, cooking and baking are my most prized hobbies. I’m a practical person who loves practical hobbies. I love and nurture the hobbies that help me make wonderful creations for me and my loved ones. We need food and we need clothes daily. I’m so thankful that I never get tired of neither sewing nor cooking.

I’ve been a sewist for more than 25 years but I still consider myself an amateur because I don’t sell any of the projects I create.

Being a sewist for so long has given me the opportunity to be a witness to how nicely sewing machines have evolved.

Even if you’ve never been good at sewing by hand, sewing with the current sewing machines can be done by total beginners. Just take your time to read the user manual that comes with your machine and to understand its basic operations and you’re all good.

I hope you truly enjoy The Sewing Rules blog!

Besides wanting to help other amateur and beginner sewists in their journey, this is also a project that honours my grandmother, the person who taught me how to thread my first needle, how to sew my first button and how to perfectly use her sewing machine that was almost as old as she was.

Even if all my projects are done on my very modern Singer, that 70 year old sewing machine will always be my absolute favourite.