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best left handed scissors

Best Left Handed Scissors for All Projects/ Comfortable Grips

Although I am right handed, I have a few amateur sewer friends who are left handed so it’s going to be a pleasure to review a few of the best left handed scissors. I hope they’ll enjoy my selection.

The good news is that finding a few very good pairs of scissors for left handed people is quite easy.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time until you select the ones that will fit your needs so let’s jump right to some of my favorite models.

5 Best Left Handed Scissors

Before jumping to my reviews, I have to say something. I don’t believe that there are universal scissors, meaning that there are actually scissors that are designed for RH handed people and that can somehow be used by LH people.

The fact that universal scissors have the right blade go up and the left blade go down means that they’re made for RH people and that they would be just an inconvenience for lefties. So, I’m not going to take universal scissors into account because they’re definitely right handed scissors and not as universal as their designation might lead us to believe.

You should always look for scissors that explicitly specify that they’re for left handed people or lefty scissors, as some manufacturers might call them.

1. Gingher Knife Edge Bent Lefthanded Shears, 8 Inch

Gingher is not a cheap manufacturer. If we were to make a comparison, think of how much more expensive KitchenAid mixers are compared with other mixers, even others from very well-known brands.

The same could be said about Gingher in connection to other scissor manufacturers.

We can easily find quite decent left handed scissors for $10-$20, while the ones from Gingher are going to cost around $50 or something like that. The price difference is considerable so think about your budget before making a final choice.

I will admit that I have a weakness for Gingher and I regard their Lefthanded Shears to be some of the best left handed scissors.

But I should also warn you that there is a decent number of negative reviews about these very expensive scissors. Take everything into account and then decide if you should spend this much money on them or not.


The first thing you’re going to notice about the Gingher Knife Edge Bent Lefthanded Shears is that they look really good. I love the whole design a lot and we could call them dressmakers scissors because they have the right shape for it.

Gingher describes their products as being expertly crafted from premium, forged steel for effortless, precise cutting. If you need to do some serious projects, you’re going to appreciate a good pair of scissors in your left hand.

This is a true left-handed design. The blade on the left goes on top, while the right blade stays on the bottom.

The blades are ultra sharp, knife-edge blades. You’ll be able to make precise cuts all the way to the tips. Of course, just like with knives, you’ll have to sharpen the blades from time to time to maintain their sharpness and precision.

Last but not least, they’re extra-durable with a double-plated finish.

2. Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors, 8 Inch

From some of the most expensive scissors we’re moving on to one of the cheapest pairs that can be regarded as some of the best left handed scissors.

While Gingher makes very expensive models, Fiskars is the exact opposite. This is a reliable brand that has some really decent prices.

I will admit that I’m not always the biggest fan of Fiskars for every pair of scissors that they make but I really like this left-handed model that they have.


It’s quite similar to the one from Gingher, having even the same 8 inch length.

Obviously, the left blade goes up, while the right blade stays at the bottom.

The blades are made from high-grade, precision-ground stainless steel. They offer a lasting sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip but we still have to sharpen them, how often depends on how much we cut.

While Fiskars doesn’t have the same impressive design, we can clearly see that these can be used as dressmakers shears. And I particularly like the colorful handles.

They’re very versatile and serve a wide array of projects.

The Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors are ideal for cutting a wide variety of material, including denim, silk, and multiple layers of fabric. It’s a clear indication of their sharpness and versatility.

The ergonomic handle fits comfortably, maximizing cutting control. The bent handle design keeps the material flat.

3. Westcott Lefty Heavy Duty Scissors, 8 Inch

Another pair of scissors that deserves to be included among the best left handed scissors is this one from Westcott.

They actually have a bunch of different lefty scissors but this is the model that I like the most.


This time the handles are a combination of white and green.

I like the design. It’s just a bit similar to the lefty scissors from Fiskars. And their prices are quite similar, too. Westcott is another very popular brand with pretty affordable prices.

What intrigues me the most about this pair from Westcott is the fact that they’re called heavy duty. Some of us know all about heavy duty sewing machines so let’s see what this designation means for a product like this one.

Westcott describes their heavy duty scissors as being perfect for cutting heavy fabric, boxes, and plastic packages.

They’re made with corrosion-resistant blades and ergonomic over mold handles.

The blades are patented carbo-titanium-bonded blades. They supposedly provide 8 times the strength of untreated stainless steel blades. And can stay sharper longer.

These can be used at home, at the office, as craft scissors, and more.

Overall, I’m totally impressed with the Westcott Lefty Heavy Duty Scissors as one of the most versatile pairs of scissors that we’ll come across.

4. iBayam Multipurpose Scissors, 8 Inch

These are among the cheapest left handed scissors that you’ll be able to find.

For about $10 or so you can buy a pack of 3 scissors. I don’t know who needs 3 pairs of scissors but at least you can be assured that you won’t have to sharpen them often since we have 3 to use.

The 3 in a pack can be useful if we have different locations at which you need to keep a pair of decent scissors for lefties around.


I mentioned in my introduction that I didn’t plan on recommending universal scissors, meaning those that can be used both by right handed and left handed people.

These ones from iBayam are called multipurpose, which refers to the same thing.

I didn’t plan on including them among my reviews for the best left handed scissors, however I read some reviews from users who mention that these are an essential tool for the left handed person’s household.

I still think that LH people are better off picking a pair that is created specifically for them but if you want 3 pairs for a cheap price, the iBayam Multipurpose Scissors are a viable option.

Plus, there really are a bunch of user reviews from lefties who love these multipurpose scissors so I think we should give them a chance.

They’re described as being pretty versatile. The manufacturer mentions that they’re great for cutting burlap, paper, card stock, cardboard, wrapping paper, light line, fabric, tape, photos, coupons, and for opening boxes and packaging.

They’re certainly not heavy duty scissors like the ones from Westcott.

And I wouldn’t recommend them as dressmaker’s shears either.

I think they’re good for crafts.

All in all, they’re sharp, sturdy, work for both LH and RH people, and they’re very cheap. It seems to be a winning combination.

5. Fiskars Left Handed Student Scissors, 7 Inch

We can’t talk about the best left handed scissors without including some for students.

They’re basically a smaller version of the ones that I reviewed just above, the Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors.

However, they’re a lot cheaper. If you’re looking for a pair of cheaper, smaller pair of scissors for lefties, these ones will work very well.

The blades are made from stainless steel, the left blade goes up and the right blade goes down.

They’re also featuring a sharp edge for precise cutting.

The softgrip handle is a good option for big projects, reducing hand fatigue.

Left handed vs right handed scissors

Some people might not be aware that there is a difference between right handed and left handed scissors but there is.

First of all, we should mention that there should be a handle color difference to distinguish scissors for LH and RH people. Left handed scissors can have a green handle, while right handed scissors can have a blue handle.

Nevertheless, we simply can’t rely on the handle color to make a distinction between them because there is an abundance of scissors who have a black handle.

Moreover, the color of the handle can simply be green for RH scissors because the manufacturer thought that the color green looks good for the whole design.

The conclusion is that we can’t rely on the color of the handle to distinguish between these two types of scissors, which is a shame.

The major difference is actually in the way the blades are connected, which blade on which side goes up and the other goes down. That’s what sets them apart.

Standard scissors, the ones used by RH people, have the blade on the right side go up and the blade on the left side go down. Even if you turn them, the positioning of the blades remains the same. This positioning allows RH people to see where the blade is cutting and to make a precise cut line.

On the other hand, left handed scissors have the blade on the left side go up and the blade on the right side go down. It’s the reverse, they’re complete opposites, they’re mirror images of each other.

You can read more about the differences between the two here.

Can left-handed people cut with right-handed scissors?

My opinion is that it’s possible with a lot of effort, concentration and maybe a bit of cramps in your left hand, which makes it not desirable at all. It’s extremely uncomfortable and it’s very hard for left handed people to cut accurately with right handed scissors.

If you’re using the wrong pair of scissors for your dominant hand, when you’re trying to cut with them, the opened blades cover up or block the line you’re trying to cut. If the blades block the lines you’re supposed to cut along, then you will ruin your project in just a few moves.

Moreover, the handles might be designed to better fit one hand or the other.

Another thing that makes LH scissors the right cutting tool for lefties is that, when we’re using the right pair of scissors for our hands, we’re ensuring a clean cut by pushing the blades together. It’s a natural move, we don’t even analyze it.

If we’re using RH scissors and we’re left-handed, the same natural twist that brings the blades together, will actually force the blades apart, which leads to poor cuts or the material to slip between the blades.

The reverse is also true. RH people would be very uncomfortable trying to use a pair of LH scissors.

It’s why I decided to write this article on the best left handed scissors and I hope you were able to find the right pair for your projects, whether they’re related to sewing, crafts or whatever other needs you have.