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Best magnifying lamp for sewing

Best Magnifying Lamp for Sewing and Needlework

Finding the best magnifying lamp for sewing can lift a huge burden from the eyes of some people.

Maybe for some of us it’s not easy admitting that our eyes are not working as well as they used to. However, once you get a very helpful magnifying lamp, your work will be better, you won’t make as many mistakes, you will be more comfortable, and your eyes will thank you for the purchase.

I can totally understand that it’s not easy to admit that we need help. I didn’t get glasses until I started getting terrible headaches. Once I had them, I had to wonder what was wrong with me that I had waited for so long until I admitted that I needed help with my eyesight. I hope you don’t wait as long and you can make your decision before suffering too much.

Plus, for those who don’t need magnifying lens, they could check my article on the best sewing lamps. Those lamps don’t magnify, just illuminate our work space brilliantly.

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Best Magnifying Lamp for Sewing: Top 6 Picks

sewing with the help of a magnifying lamp

Before moving on to the actual reviews, I wanted to mention one thing about picking the best magnifying lamp for sewing and needlework.

I tried to find a few cheap magnifying lamps for sewing and needlework and I was a bit successful.

If you’re on a budget, check these first. Those that cost around $20-$40 are: Brightech LightView Pro Flex and Lancosc Magnifying Glass with Light and Stand.

Some will cost around $50 or a bit more, which is surprising when you consider that I wrote an article on the best sewing machines under $50. The lamp in this price range is the Daylight Company Halo 5D.

Others will have prices that are around or exceed $100. Those are models like the Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp and Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp with 6-wheel Rolling Base.

Once again, I was surprised by that fact too because there are sewing machines from well-known brands that cost as much as some of these lamps and those machines are pretty great.

The point I’m trying to make is that you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money when you’re looking for the best magnifying lamp for sewing.

Brightech is one of the manufacturers to check out, whether you want a cheaper option or you can afford a magnifying lamp that costs over $100.

1. Brightech LightView Pro Flex: Overall the Best Magnifying Lamp for Sewing

I’m not saying that this Brightech LightView Pro Flex is the overall best option for a magnifying lamp for sewing, reading, repair work, crafts, needlework, etc. just because it’s one of the cheapest options on the market.

I admit that the affordable price is a big plus. And it’s the first aspect that made me give it a second look.

However, if I didn’t think that the quality exceeds the price tag, I wouldn’t recommend it as my first pick.

Frankly, it’s more well-built than a lot more expensive magnifiers.

1.75x or 2.25x magnification

There are 2 options to choose from: 1.75x and the slightly more expensive lamp with 2.25x.

It really depends on how bad your eyesight is and what type of work you do. For sewing, I would say that the 1.75x lamp is good enough for most of us.

Both sizes are equally popular and equally good. Some prefer the 1.75x magnification and do absolutely well when checking out on their stitches.

Others are perfectly comfortable with the 2.25x.

Another important feature to acknowledge is that things are in focus 13 inches away for the 1.75x model and 8 inches away for the 2.25x model.

The 1.75x model is a 3 diopter. The 2.25x one if a 5 diopter.


This has the look of a classic desk lamp that I used when I was growing up and doing my homework. I always had bad eyesight, it just took me a long time to acknowledge it and do something about it.

The difference is that, instead of a bulb, we get a magnifying lens with LEDs all around the lens.

This is a 3 inches lens diameter made of genuine diopter glass.

Users won’t feel dizzy when they use this magnifying lens for reading, sewing, needlework, painting, and other small projects.

I love that it’s adjustable. It has a 13.5 inches adjustable, flexible gooseneck.

It can be adjusted up and down and at any angle. You can position it however it is more comfortable for your working space and your work.

Another thing I really like about this Brightech LightView Pro Flex is the perfect base. It’s well made and it’s the part that holds everything together because it offers stability to the entire lamp.

There’s also a strong clamp for even better stability.

LED light

It’s powerful enough. The 6W and 570 lumens LED lights are perfect for any space and illumination needs.

Since these are LEDs, their lifespan is estimated at 20,000 hours. That means that you’ll get to use this Brightech LightView Pro Flex for years to come. The manufacturer estimates 20 years of use for 3 hours per day.

Where to Buy?

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2. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

Why is this Brightech LightView Pro about three times more expensive than the Brightech LightView Pro Flex that I reviewed above?

Because that was a desk magnifier while this Brightech LightView Pro is a floor lamp.

However, if you do your work at a desk, I highly recommend checking out first the desk lamp, which is the Pro Flex model.

If you’re looking for a magnifying floor lamp from a good brand, then you’ll have to spend a lot more money to buy the Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp as the best magnifying lamp for sewing.

Besides the difference in the length of the gooseneck, there aren’t any technical additions. We’ll see the same features when it comes to magnification, diopter number, and focal length.

Another change is in the shape and size of the lens and the LED lights are more powerful.

1.75x or 2.25x magnifications

Once again, you can choose between 1.75x and 2.25x magnification.

They’re both very good and equally popular. It depends on how bad your eyesight is.

With the 1.75x model, objects are in focus at a distance of 13 inches.

With the 2.25x model, objects are in focus at a distance of 8 inches. This one is also a bit more expensive.

Lens size

Instead of a round lens, we get a rectangular one that measures 6.5 x 4 inches. That’s quite a difference in size.

The 1.75x magnification lamp has a 3 diopter, while the other options has a 5 diopter.

The lens is genuine diopter glass that doesn’t warp with time or heat and it’s also scratch-resistant. The manufacturer states that this type lasts longer than cheap acrylic/plastic lenses.


This magnifying floor lamp is pretty spectacular. It doesn’t only look really nice but it’s also flexible and bendy.

The entire lamp can reach a height of up to 44 inches. You can adjust the height.

Moreover, the 17 inches flexible gooseneck can be adjusted up and down and at any angle for your work.
The stand measures 10 x 9 x 1 inches and it’s solid, it offers stability to the entire lamp.

LED light

It’s quite powerful. This lamp incorporates 9W 540 lumens LED lights that are estimated to have a 20,000 hours lifespan.

Where to Buy?

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3. Lancosc Magnifying Glass with Light and Stand

For a lamp with a price well under $50, this Lancosc Magnifying Glass with Light and Stand is another great option if you’re on a budget.

It’s perfect for those who work at a table or desk because it comes with an opening that will be screwed to the work table. It doesn’t include a stand.

If you’re doing your needlework on a couch, this one is not right for you. In those cases, you need a floor magnifying lamp.

2.25x and 5x magnification

I recommend getting the 2.25x magnification option. Among people who have chosen this model as their best magnifying lamp for sewing, the 2.25x model is the one they went with.

This is a 5 diopter lens.

The lens is made of real glass and it has a 4.1 inches diameter. That’s pretty big, which is surprising for this affordable price tag.


It comes with a metal clip to firmly fix the magnifying glass lamp. The clip has a maximum opening distance of 2.1 inches. If your work table is thicker than 2.1 inches, you won’t be able to fix it to your work table/desk.

The glass lens can be adjusted 270 degrees up and down and 360 degrees swivel. That’s a very good flexibility.

The arm can be expandable up to 18 inches. If your work table is bigger than that, don’t buy this lamp.

LED light

The lens is surrounded by 64 high-brightness LED lighted beads that can reach up to 960 lumens.

There are 3 modes: warm, warm & white, and white.

You can also dim or increase the brightness, between 10% and 100% brightness, as it’s most comfortable for your work.

It doesn’t work on batteries, the package will include a DC 5V/2A adapter. It can also be plugged in other devices via the USB cable to power the lights, in case you don’t have a socket nearby.

Where to Buy?

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4. Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp with 6-Wheel Rolling Base

With its 6-wheel rolling base you can see why this model might be perfect for estheticians but it’s also a big winner with seweists.

There are plenty of people who have chosen this one as their best magnifying lamp for sewing, needlework, crafts, and general work on smaller objects.

I should also mention that this is the most expensive best magnifying lamp for sewing from my recommendations.

If you don’t need the rolling base, then just get the simple Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp.

It’s still a floor lamp with a very good height but it’s cheaper than this mobile model. The major difference between the two is the mobility offered by the 6-wheel base.

1.75x and 2.25x magnification

Brightech is a manufacturer that includes these two magnification options for all their models.

Most people prefer the 1.75x option and that also includes those who get it for sewing or needlework.

It’s also a slightly cheaper option but it’s definitely good enough.

This lamp includes a 4.5-inch diameter lens. It’s made of glass that is 1 inches thick.


The stand can have a maximum height of 55 inches. It’s really tall.

It can be lowered as low as 24 inches.

If you get it an appropriate clamp base, it can be transformed into a clamp desk lamp but I don’t imagine that many people would need to transform it.

It’s also plenty flexible. No matter what work you do or where you do it, you’ll easily adjust the angles and height to fit your needs.

The 6 wheels roll easily for those who need to move it around their work.

LED light

It comes with a 9W 800 lumens LED light that also has a built-in dimmer.

The estimated lifespan is 20,000 hours.

The adjustable color temperature ranges from warm white to cool white.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

5. Daylight Company Halo 5D: Portable Magnifying Lamp

What is so intriguing about this product that it can be considered a perfect choice for the best magnifying lamp for sewing?

There are quite a lot of interesting features to make it stand out. Let’s see if they might be something you need.


I want to first talk about one of the most prominent features that makes this model different from other brands.

This is a magnifying lamp that folds flat.

It doesn’t have a gooseneck that can be twisted whichever way and it can’t be bent or swiveled at whatever angle you want.

But this entire design folds flat. I like it because it’s portable and easy to throw into the baggage. But it also makes me wonder how many people want to include their magnifying lamp when they go somewhere. That’s for you to decide.

The Daylight Company Halo 5D can certainly be an awesome choice for those going to quilting or sewing retreats or other places like that.

Besides the fact that it folds flat, the design is nothing extraordinary. It’s still sleek, beautiful, and the whole white color is very nice.

It’s compact and lightweight, these are two main characteristics that make it stand out. It weighs just 1.5 pounds.

The whole lamp has a 13 inches height.

The power cable length is 78.7 inches so you have a bit of flexibility with that.

2.25x magnification

The 2.25x magnification is definitely awesome. I’m glad to see this type of lens included, considering that this is not a cheap lamp.

The 2.25x magnification translates into a 5 diopter lens, which means that the focal length is 8 inches. Objects are in focus 8 inches away.

The lens has a 3.5 inches diameter. It’s not the biggest but it still manages to be a good size.

LED light

We can choose from 3 brightness levels.

The maximum is 315 lumens. It’s a 6W LED light. It’s pretty powerful, it provides the necessary brightness for whatever work you want to do.

Surprisingly, the lifespan for the lights is rated at 50,000 hours. I find it a bit much but even if it realistically lasts for 20,000 hours that still can translate into 10-20 years of good use.

Where to Buy?

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6. JMH Magnifying Glass with Light: Cheap Alternative

As you might have noticed, this magnifying tool from JMH is not a lamp. It pretty much looks like the magnifying glasses we all grew up with. Well, the modern version looks more sleek and it comes with a light.

Why did I decide to recommend this one as a pick for the best magnifying lamp for sewing and needlework, even if it’s not a lamp?

Because it’s very cheap. If you’re looking for a tool that magnifies but doesn’t cost more than $15, then this is a fantastic option. It’s one of the best.

The disadvantage is obvious. Since it’s not a lamp, it doesn’t come with a stand.

You’ll have to hold it in your hand to check on your stitches, your embroidery or needlework.

Or maybe you’ll be able to improvise a support for it. If you can get it to stick between two objects and direct it towards your stitches, then it can be used like that, too.

It’s more limited in its use since it doesn’t come with a stand but it also depends on what your needs are.

30x magnification

I am not totally impressed with the manufacturer’s claims of 30x magnification. Most magnifying lamps aren’t able to make claims of that magnitude because those claims wouldn’t exactly be true.

As you saw with the Brightech LightView Pro Flex that I reviewed just above, the manufacturer claimed only a 1.75x or 2.25 magnification. Those are pretty good numbers when it comes to magnifiers, both for our work and hobbies.

However, I will acknowledge that JMH promises to magnify without distortion.

Nevertheless, I must state that the 30x magnification is a bit exaggerated. I would say that the realistic magnification is 3x or maybe even 5x, which is still really good.

It’s mainly targeted towards those trying to read text, no matter the size. But it also targets those who need it for their repair work or for their crafts.

The high magnification means that you can check out all types of stitches or needlework. This JMH Magnifying Glass is awesomely capable and cheap.

The diameter of the lens is 3.15 inches.

LED light

The light is powered by 3 AAA batteries. These are not included so they will increase the final price by a bit.

There are actually 3 light modes, which is surprising for such a basic tool: 12 LED cold light, 6 LED warm light, 18 LED mixed color light.

I love the fact that we get to choose the type and the intensity of the light we need. The 18 LED is ultra bright.

There’s an on/off switch, it’s a very basic but efficient design.

Where to Buy?

Check Price and User Reviews Here

Best Magnifying Lamp for Sewing and Needlework Buying Guide

Let’s see which are the specs you must take into consideration when choosing a magnifying lamp for sewing, needlework, crafts, reading, repair work, etc.

If you want to read more about how lens size, magnification and focal length work when it comes to magnifiers, you can check out this article from blaxalloptics.co.nz.


As I’ve mentioned in my introduction, having a budget in mind helps a lot when you want to narrow down your options.

I tried to provide options for all budgets. That’s always one of my priorities when trying to recommend products. I didn’t have that problem when writing my reviews for the best seam rippers but that’s because those are all cheap tools.

On the other hand, when it comes to choosing the best magnifying lamp, you’ll soon discover that prices are all over the place.

If you want something that’s very cheap, you’ll be better off with picking a magnifying glass, like the JMH Magnifying Glass with Light. The limitations are that it doesn’t have a stand so you’ll have to improvise a stand for it or contend yourself with holding it in your hand.

Right above on the price ladder, there’s the Brightech LightView Pro Flex. It’s pretty affordable and overall my favorite, which is why I reviewed it as my first recommendation.

Brightech is a top manufacturer in this niche. I love the fact that they manufacture lamps for all budgets. Whether you want something under $40 or a model that costs $100 or more, you can find a good option among their products.


Lamps like the Brightech LightView Pro Flex offer either a 1.75x or 2.25x magnification. It’s one of the most popular lamps on the market. For the price, the magnification rate is really good.

You should also be careful about this feature because some will promise 8x or even 30x magnification when the reality comes close to 2x-3x. It’s still awesome, especially if the lamp is not expensive.

Seweists or those who do needlework or need help with their hobbies can do very well with a 1.75x or 2.25x magnification.

I would say that 1.75x and 2.25x magnification are the numbers you should expect from most models.


Some manufacturers will mention the diopter for their magnifier. You might come across terms like 3 diopter or 5 diopter.

Diopter characterizes the optical power/strength of the lens.

Focal length

If the description for a magnifier mentions that things are in focus 13 inches or 8 inches away, that’s the focal length.

It is calculated as the distance from the lens to the object on which the lens is focused.

If the lens has a strong optical power (or high magnification) then the object doesn’t have to be that far away from the magnifier lens.

That’s why we can get an 8 inches focal length for a 5 diopter 2.25x magnifying lamp but we get a 13 inches focal length for a 3 diopter 1.75x magnifier.

However, in magnifying lamps this aspect is not that important because most models come with adjustable, flexible goosenecks. You’ll be able to find the perfect angle and distance for your work to be completely visible, magnified, and in focus.

Lens size

This is the area that the lamp covers and is able to magnify. This is the optical area of the lens, measured in diameters.

Most lamps will come with a 3 inches lens diameter. It’s pretty much the standard when it comes to buying the best magnifying lamp for sewing, needlework, and other crafts and hobbies.